Holidays are great for business. You can connect with your customers in a personal way by celebrating with them while showcasing your unique products and services at the same time. It’s not always convenient or cost-effective to produce and send personalized greetings, but by using a bulk-mailing printing service, the marketing effect can be just as significant. This Independence Day, get creative by using customized posters and bulk-mailing services to get the message out about your brand.


Advertise With Large-Scale Posters

At Copy Bargain, we offer online poster printing services. Depending on your company’s specific needs, choose from three different poster sizes to highlight your services and products. You can show your brand’s patriotic spirit this 4th of July by displaying some independence figures or hanging out an independence inspired poster. Having a special Fourth of July sale? Place one, or several, of our posters in your storefront’s windows to catch the attention of all passersby. Get the posters printed up in red, white and blue to show your patriotic spirit. Our team of professional designers can help you with the customize the design and printing patterns so that you get posters tailored for your specific needs.



Flyers Work Well, Too

If you use your imagination, there are dozens of ways your business can be part of your community’s celebration of the Fourth of July. By using bulk printing, you can take advantage of savings through higher numbers of the printed piece. For a small price, your company name and contact information can appear on each poster. Make a list of the events your business will be participating in, and get these lists printed on your posters. You can also have smaller flyers printed out as handouts and even place valuable coupons at the bottom.


Getting Started With Bulk Mailing

No matter if you need bulk mailing for brochures, greeting cards, booklets or flyers, we can help. Our bulk-mailing services include post office delivery, inkjet setup and addressing, and presorting and postal service documentation. With our services, you can save time by not having to rely on multiple businesses to handle different aspects of the mailing process. We’ve got it all covered, and you’ll save on costs since we’ll be doing everything for you in-house.

Choose from flyer, postcard or folded mailers and the sizes and amount for each. Want to get the word out to everyone about a new product before the holiday? We can provide mailer run sizes of up to 100,000 so that you can reach as many current and prospective customers as possible.


More Benefits of Bulk Printing

Another advantage of bulk printing is that the process uses economy of scale to give you a high-end product for a low price per piece. Foundation pieces are usually called shells. Say that you wanted special gold lettering on your flyers. When you order this flyer design, we’ll print your desired information on the pre-printed shells. You’ll get the flyer you want with the information you need. This process is both faster and less expensive than made-to-order printing.


Use Our Expertise

As your professional printers, we have a lot of experience in what works best for businesses such as yours. Let us consult with you on what you would like to have done for your company. You can trust in our judgment as we know what we’re doing and can advise you on what we think the best course of action would be. You might think that folded brochures or multi-page catalogs are the answer for your marketing needs, but we may have a different opinion. For a brick-and-mortar business, large posters might suffice when it comes to advertising. You may decide to go “old school” and go with postcards. We’ve advised all sorts of businesses, and we can do the same for yours, too.




For Larger Businesses, the Payoff Is Even Greater

If yours is already a successful business, it will be even more important for you to show your colors during Fourth of July and other holiday celebrations. You can still use bulk shell pieces, but you may have your own commercial graphic artist on-site or on retainer. Use his or her expertise and skill to design within the parameters of one or several of the flyer options. We’ll then be able to print out the flyers for you to your specifications.

You’ll still be able to save money and take advantage of the time savings. What’s printed inside the basic piece will be artwork that conforms to your corporate style, colors and fonts. In other words, it will look like your business at first glance.

Let Copy Bargain get your business ready for this Independence Day.