Custom Stickers

When we were kids in grade school, Father’s Day often involved a fun class project. Perhaps you made a piece of artwork to tell dad how much you loved him. Adorning your project with stickers that said things like “world’s greatest dad” added a wonderful final touch.

Believe it or not, the same principle could be used in successfully marketing a business. Print media such as flyers, business cards and stickers are great for spreading the word about your brand or services. Custom Stickers are no longer limited to the class of children’s decorations; they are a versatile and low-cost alternative to digital marketing.


Why Are Stickers a Great Option?

With the steady rise of social media, more businesses are seeking to promote their products and services through the means of digital advertising. Although digital advertising is great for promoting online, print media such as stickers shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to the power of attracting customers. Sticker campaigns allow the customer to become more familiar and closer to your brand. Not only do they cause immediate engagement for the recipient, but they are also a more personal approach when attempting to promote by word-of-mouth.

Word-of-mouth, which was a marketing tactic long before the days of social media, is a trusted method because it directly engages the customer or target market. People are more likely to trust a brand or product if they’ve heard about it from a reliable source. Promotional stickers are a cheaper alternative to digital promotion campaigns such as social media ads and pay-per-click services.


Using Promotional Stickers the Correct Way

Stickers are statements; they demand attention from the viewer. Whether you’re promoting an event for a holiday such as Father’s Day or showcasing your product, stickers are great for establishing brands and organizations and displaying messages of support. If you have a new logo, promotion or website you want to bring attention to, utilizing the power of stickers will make you stand out from the competition. Stickers can work along with your social media campaigns to give your business an extra boost.

Furthermore, offering stickers to clients is a great way to increase business sales as well as customer satisfaction if you’re a designer. Unlike many other promotional tools, stickers allow others to promote you or your business. Custom stickers continue to promote your business or brand even after you’ve given them away to a potential customer. If someone applies one of your vinyl or bumper stickers to their car, they will be constantly promoting you every time someone views the sticker. This is a method of promotion that couldn’t be accomplished through the means of digital media marketing. Stickers are often perceived as gifts more so than other forms of print media. Almost everyone loves to receive free incentives before deciding on products or services. The trade tactic can be implemented when attempting to get people to join a mailing list or subscribe to social media groups.


Sticker Promotion for Maximum Exposure

Sticker placement will determine the amount of attention you receive on your campaign. Strategically plotting where you place your sticker can have a major advantage over your competition. If the competition is placing its ads or promotional items in a certain location, place your stickers in the same place. Doing this will offer an alternative option for the customer. If you want to avoid your competition, place the sticker in a place where potential customers may arise. For example, if your target market is those who listen to country music, it would be wise to have your stickers available at events and venues that cater to that specific genre of music.

Knowing your target market or customer will play a significant role in how effective your marketing tactics will be. Learning about your customers will help you in determining the perfect locations to place your promotional stickers. The more you know about your customers’ habits and lifestyle, the better equipped you’ll be to promote your product or brand to them. Passing out stickers at popular events or locations will enable you to interact with people on a personal level. Stickers and other promotional marketing items are merely an extension of you or your brand. They are meant to visually entice the customer into inquiring more about the product or brand. Once the interest becomes clear, it will be up to you to close the deal.

If you’re searching for custom stickers that are both engaging and informative, the quality designers at Copy Bargain are willing to help. Along with high-quality professional designs, we also offer speedy turnaround times. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about custom stickers and other products.