With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, one way you can catch the attention of customers while adding a holiday marketing twist and promoting a worthwhile lifestyle is to use the holiday to promote going green. Since more people are becoming aware of environmental and climate issues, this is a good way to connect with customers and show them that your company also cares about the environment. You can do this by incorporating green messages and concepts on your business cards. For redesigning standard company cards or designing customized business cards, these are some ideas to consider.


Business Cards With Green Tips

Depending on what you need to put on your business cards, you can print tips on the front or back. Collect some useful green tips and print a different tip on each card. To minimize space and preserve the visual integrity of the card, keep the tips concise. These are a few examples:

  • Walk or bike more often.
  • Love seafood? Only buy sustainable.
  • Light up your life with LEDs and CFLs.
  • Ditch aerosol sprays.
  • Be a conscientious water user.
  • Go paperless for communications.
  • Support brands that support the environment.

Business Cards With Green Incentives

When using this concept, you might consider offering a discount for proof of a customer’s green efforts. For example, you may decide to offer a discount on a future purchase to someone who makes a type of green purchase and provides a receipt. These are just a few examples:

  • Through March 31, get 5% off your purchase with proof of an LED bulb receipt.
  • Through March 31, get 10% off your purchase with any local recycling receipt.
  • Through March 31, get 20% off your purchase with any ENERGY STAR-certified appliance receipt.

You can use numeric dates and make the phrases shorter if you wish. When you pass out cards or instruct employees to pass them out, tell them to let recipients know about the promotion. If you are looking for a way to draw in more business, this is an innovative method of doing that. Also, it encourages business card recipients to hold onto them and share them with their friends.

Alternatively, you can use your business cards to provide a link to an online registration for a giveaway. For example, you may ask people to pass out more cards to help spread the word of an ENERGY STAR appliance giveaway. Print the link on the business card.


Business Cards With Green Facts

If you want to raise awareness of specific environmental issues, print green facts on your business cards. For instance, if you are passionate about preserving ocean reefs, you can print brief facts about deterioration that might spark customers’ interest and lead them to do more research. If your business has related products or an informational blog about such issues, add the relevant links right on your cards.


Business Cards With Green Charities

Business cards are an excellent way to bring awareness to a green charity that you support. If you want to win favor with business card recipients, you can indicate that your company supports a specific charity with all sales or provide a link to the organization so customers can check it out for themselves. Encourage readers to learn more by adding statements like these:

  • Help protect the rain forest.
  • Support ocean cleanup activities.
  • Help advocates protect natural resources.
  • Do your part to fund environmental research.

You can customize these for different types of organizations. By showing support for an environmental cause, you convey that your company cares about more than just profits. Today, most people prefer to work with companies that have a strong sense of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Show off your environmental CSR while encouraging others to join your efforts.


Choosing the Right Business Card Design

If you are going to promote going green with your business cards this St. Patrick’s Day, the design that you choose should reflect your message. Keep the design simple. For example, your logo and a green line, a green leaf or another green design that is small should suffice.

Also, the size and composition of the card are important. Choose a smaller or thinner card as using extra-thick paper counteracts the idea of preserving trees.

If this will be a major step for your company, consider writing a press release about your new cards to spark public interest and boost your marketing strategy. When you’re ready to launch this type of marketing campaign, Copy Bargain can help you print your bulk business cards quickly. We also provide speedy shipping to keep you on schedule. Don’t just wear green this St. Patrick’s Day – go green!


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