custom printed postcards

Everyone likes to receive a bit of love on Valentine’s Day whether it’s a heartfelt letter or a box of chocolates. That love doesn’t need to be limited to little paper cards and candy hearts from family and friends, though. Businesses thrive because of the love and support of their customers. This February 14th, you can return the favor by sending your clients some love with custom printed postcards.


Why Should You Send Your Customers Valentine’s Day Postcards?

Postcards from your business, especially those with a bit of a personal touch, send your customers a message that you care about them. They tell your clients that they aren’t just sales numbers — that you acknowledge and appreciate them as individuals. They’ll feel a more personal connection to your business, and they’re more likely to come back to you because they know you’ll treat them like a friend. They might also be more likely to recommend you to their own friends and family with the full expectation that you’ll take care of them too.

Additionally, your postcards will remind your customers that you’re here, especially if they haven’t requested your services for a while. You can customize your postcards to feature your company logos and colors so that your brand is fresh in the customers’ minds. When they do finally decide that they need services again, they’ll think of you first. Receiving holiday greetings in the mail just makes people feel good, and happy customers make for more business for you.



Postcards Are Simple but Effective

There are a lot of items you can send to customers to acknowledge them, from pens to calendars, but postcards are simple and sure to get the job done. They’re lightweight and easy to ship since you won’t have to worry about envelopes or boxes. Unlike emails or text messages, your customers will have a physical reminder to stick on the fridge or keep in a drawer to look back on later.

Postcards with eye-catching images and designs that fit the holiday theme could also make their way into a customer’s household décor, where they’ll be displayed for family and friends to see as well. Imagine your postcards being hung up on the wall or placed on the mantle where your customers will think of you every time they pass by. With postcards, you also have a lot of options for customization. Not only can you have them printed with your logo, but you can also write a message directly to your customers to let them know you appreciate them and add that personal touch that can only come from you. You can also include contact information and URLs to your company websites so that your customers have this info on hand when they need it. Postcards are also a great way to share information about holiday sales and promotions or to distribute coupons to encourage your customers to come back.


Our Postcard Printing Services

When you’ve decided to send out postcards to your customers, you’ve got a lot of options to choose from. We here at Copy Bargain offer custom postcard sizes, so you can choose the one that fits your logo and content best. The sizes we offer for instant online pricing are as follows:

You can also choose between single- and double-sided cards so that you can get the most out of your space. Consider putting a holiday-themed image on one side and your greeting and information on the other. Finally, choose between matte and glossy finishes to complement your images and text, and make your postcards really stand out. Glossy postcards are great for colorful images while matte postcards offer a more subtle, professional look that works best with more text.

When it comes to what to put on the postcard, we can help you get the exact look you want whether you’re a pro designer or you have zero design experience. Simply fill out our Custom Print Design form where you can provide a description of your postcards. You can upload your logos and images and type out your greetings. From there, our designers will help you design the postcards to your exact specifications.

Our process is simple, and our turnaround times are quick, so you can get your custom printed postcards out to your customers with time to spare. Take advantage of the holiday to make sure that your clients feel loved this Valentine’s Day.