Are you wondering if there’s any benefit in ordering booklets or brochures to spread your marketing message? Are there businesses out there still generating sales leads after ordering and distributing print media? You may be surprised by the answers to those questions. Check out five reasons why you should be using booklets and brochures as part of your marketing strategy.


1. Lots of Info in a Condensed Format

In today’s busy world, it’s more crucial than ever for businesses to learn how to get right to the point in spreading their message. This is especially true for the cash-strapped companies who don’t have the budget or luxury of promoting their products or services in magazine ads or radio/television commercials.

The good news is that brochures are a time-tested, effective and cost-efficient method for getting right to the points of your marketing message.


2. Brochures Are Far More Portable

It’s also crucial for marketing media to be highly portable. Digital marketers understand that leading end-users to a website isn’t good enough anymore unless the landing page has been optimized for mobile device engagement.

While brochures can be scanned and uploaded to a website, they often aren’t optimized on traditional landing pages so that they can be properly read on mobile devices. That’s okay because physical copies are actually much easier to read and transport. Traditional brochures are only a little larger than mobile devices, and they’re a lot lighter.

This means that prospects who read brochures can pick them up and easily place them inside of purses, briefcases, laptop cases and traveling carry-on bags.


3. Multiple Means of Distribution

Unlike websites, booklets and brochures can be distributed through multiple means. Options include direct mailings into local communities, handouts at conferences and industry events and distributing booklets and brochures at malls or other public places. They can also be placed at strategic, high-traffic areas around office buildings.

Because they’re so lightweight, it’s easy to get them distributed quickly and directly.


4. Laser-focused Targeting

More expensive forms of media such as radio ads and television commercials often won’t target an audience so tightly because marketers are attempting to attract as many people as possible. To avoid alienating anyone, the message within these forms of media can feel a little broad.

If your business needs to watch its spending, then you probably can’t afford to target a wide audience. As a smaller business owner, you need to ensure that you’re hitting your prospecting targets as accurately as possible. This is the only way to ensure that you can convert a prospect into a customer as efficiently as possible.

This is why brochures and booklets work so well for small business owners. You know your product, service and brand better than anyone else. You know how to get your point across in a quick, targeted manner. Spreading your message within these cost-efficient forms of print media will ensure that you’re only following up on the type of leads that you want to talk to, instead of leads that you hope to convert.


5. More Engagement and Referrals

Think about the portability of brochures and booklets. Then think about how often you ask for referrals for your business. Did you know that when someone picks up one of your print marketing media placements, they’re acting as your marketing and referral team without even realizing it?

For example, say you place a stack of booklets on a display table. A few people pick up the booklets. They read them, and if they find value in what they read, they pass the media on to a friend or colleague. Even if they don’t read the message, they’ll leave the media in a strategic location that allows others to read and take interest in your marketing message. Before you know it, you’ll start receiving prospect calls from people who read your message thanks to second-hand distribution methods.

As you can see, even during the digital marketing era, it’s definitely worth your time and money to invest in booklets and brochures to spread your marketing message. They’re cost-effective and highly targeted, giving your business a much higher ROI than traditional marketing media.

If you’re thinking about spreading out your marketing message by using other forms of media, then consider fun things like branded stickers and business flyers. You can certainly stick to more traditional marketing media like business cards and notepads, too. Whatever form of marketing you choose, Copy Bargain can help.

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