Door hanger advertising is a form of local advertising that is still useful even in this new age of digital marketing. These colorful advertisements are placed directly on doorknobs where they’re sure to get noticed. Reaching out to customers in this tangible form is a compelling way to get the word out about your product or services. The best part is that you focus your marketing on the communities where your customers live. If you’re a small business with a local base, here are seven reasons why door hangers belong in your marketing strategy.


1. Your Message Is Highly Visible

When most people get home from work, they will grab the mail and sort out all the “junk” mail without even looking at it. Door hangers shine because of the unparalleled visibility of this form of advertising. The customer cannot ignore the message and will have to interact with the door hanger by physically removing it. They’re likely to at least look at it, which will increase your chances of reaching your target audience. Having the opportunity to be seen is what good marketing is all about, and there are very few methods that can ensure such a high level of visibility.


2. Affordable Way to Reach Customers

One reason that door hangers remain a popular option is they’re one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing available to a small business. This is especially true if your customer base is very local. Door hangers can be ordered in batches that are appropriate for your needs. They can deliver significant results at a reasonable price when compared to other methods. Reaching the same number of customers with an ad on local television or a targeted digital marketing campaign would be more expensive and potentially less effective. For a small business with a limited marketing budget, door hangers are an excellent tool for reaching a large group of prospective customers at rock bottom prices.


3. Highly Targeted Marketing

You can’t get much more targeted or local than door hangers that are physically placed in the specific neighborhoods your small business wants to serve. Door hangers are a better investment for precise marketing than internet ads or print media. This benefit is particularly meaningful for smaller companies that are looking for ways to build up their presence in the local community. The more homes in your area that you reach, the higher your chances will be of getting in front of the right potential customers.


4. Increase Brand Recognition

Whether your business is new or already established, getting your name in front of potential customers is the key to effective marketing. A door hanger is a physical, tangible, memorable form of advertising. It will help you increase brand awareness and attract new customers who may not know about your business. Adding your brand to their knowledge base of local companies is crucial. Even if they don’t take advantage of this specific deal, they are more likely to remember you later on when they need your product or service. Door hangers are also an excellent way to refresh the memories of previous customers.


5. Flexible and Straightforward

Door hangers are an incredibly flexible method of marketing that can be useful in different scenarios. You have complete control over when the customer sees your message, which is helpful for time-sensitive campaigns like a holiday sale. You can also put together a campaign on relatively short notice, and they can be distributed door-to-door as soon as you have the materials. Knowing that your message will reach its intended audience almost immediately gives you a wide range of options for how to utilize this tool effectively.





6. Door Hangers Are Fully Customizable

The design for your door hanger campaign can fit your company’s precise branding needs, including an infinite variety of layouts, color schemes and fonts. They can be glossy, with full-color photos or graphics, and deliver your message in a creative and interesting way. You can also opt for practical features, like a business card slot or a designated coupon area that gets perforated.


7. Ideal for Actionable Marketing

Door hangers continue to prove their value through the unique advantage of being an excellent method to distribute coupons or discounts. You can design a campaign with an actionable offer that customers redeem with the physical door hanger. Being provided with a deal will be great motivation for the customer to save the door hanger and then head on over to take advantage of the offer.


Whether you use them to promote a special discount or introduce a new location, custom door hangers should not be overlooked. This form of direct marketing remains an excellent tool for getting your name in front of customers. Contact us at Copy Bargain today, and our designers will happily help you create an effective door hanger campaign.

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