Branded Notepads

Branded products have always been a popular way for businesses to promote their services. They offer a certain degree of utility to your customers, which ads do not. Branded notepads, for example, are actually useful while still reminding your customers of your business every time they write something down.

To learn more about what makes branded notepads the perfect giveaway for Memorial Day or any other occasion, read on.


Holiday Giveaways

Branded products are particularly good for holiday giveaways. This is because you can hand out your products to customers as holiday gifts. Your customers will appreciate your business’s festive spirit even as they take your branded products home, ensuring your brand is present in their minds as well as the minds of their family members. Christmas is the obvious choice for giving away branded products. However, many other businesses will be giving away branded products during this period. If you give out your “swag” on Memorial Day and other holidays that don’t traditionally involve giving gifts, your business will stand out more.




The Utility of Branded Products Versus Ads

When choosing how to spend their marketing budgets, many businesses face a choice between branded products and traditional advertisements. Of course, quite a few companies use both of these promotional services. However, branded products offer actual utility to your customers as opposed to something like a TV commercial that they may not even pay attention to. Your customers can actually use a branded notebook whenever they need to write something down. Of course, they will inevitably see your business’s name at the top of the page every time they take out your notepad. However, this is much less intrusive than a traditional advertisement and is less likely to result in a dismissive reaction from your customers.


More Bang for Your Business’s Buck

Buying ad space can be very expensive. When you factor in the costs to actually produce the ad, they can be prohibitive for a small business. In contrast, branded products are much more affordable. While there will likely be a relatively high minimum financial commitment with traditional advertisements, branded products can be ordered in the quantity that will fit your business’s budget.


Quick Turnaround

Branded products can also be produced more quickly than many advertisements. If you decide that you want to give away branded notepads on Memorial Day, for example, you can have these products ready on time. A TV commercial, for example, would take much longer to produce. You can also have your branded products made more quickly for promotions.


Target the Right Demographic

Perhaps the most important benefit of branded products is the ability to target the right demographic. A TV commercial or a radio ad will not have any sort of impact on the vast majority of people who see or hear it, simply because most of them will not be looking for the specified product or service. However, with branded products, you can control exactly who gets exposed to your brand. This allows you to target your desired customer demographic accurately. Many businesses give away branded products to customers themselves because these people are likely to become repeat clients. Also, if you offer mobile notary services and you have a deal with another business, such as a law firm, you can have them hand out your products to their clients. In this example, your products would be used effectively as targeted advertising because the clients of a law firm are likely to need a notary.


Choosing the Right Branded Product

There are many branded products that you can choose from. Possibly the most common branded product that businesses hand out are pens. Notepads, as mentioned in this article, are also quite popular. Notepads may even be a better choice than pens. Branded pens are so common that they’re easy to ignore while branded notepads are a bit more unique. Also, every page of a branded notepad can be a promo for your company.

There are many branded products available besides pens and notepads. Posters, stickers, and magnets are all popular. Which branded product you choose to go with should reflect your business. It makes sense for a notary to go with a branded notepad. However, a restaurant may want to choose a branded fridge magnet that its customers will see every time they want to get some food in their kitchens.

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